Fordsburg Security offers high skilled investigative and trained consultants to successfully navigate the world of risk. Our investigative consultants is one of the highest quality professionals drawn from careers within law enforcement and the armed service, law finance and accounting, forensic accounting, management consulting and information technology. Our advisors can identify potential vulnerabilities to your organization and implement appropriate safeguards to protect your assets, people and financial value. Investigative services can be essential in a wide variety of situations, including accounting fraud cases, tracing assets and goods, gathering intelligence for litigation, due diligence screening during acquisitions, vendor screening, as well as everyday certain background checking of employees. Whether investigative fraud or theft you can be certain that our investigations will be conducted with utmost discretion, confidentiality and attention to clients concerns.

Our Private Investigations Services Includes:

Background Checking

Undercover Surveillance

Employee Screening

Vendor Fraud

Grey Market and Counterfeit Goods Investigations

Employee Malfeasance

Intellectual Property Theft

Threats of Corporate Security

Financial Irregularities

Litigation Intelligence

Due Diligence

and etc..