FORDSBURG SECURITY operational standards


The intrusion of the private security industry into the essence of our modern society can no longer be ignored, and the consequences of this intrusion must no longer be swept under the carpet. Whether we do accept it or not, the reality is that private security fulfills an increasing role in our criminal and civil justice system.


Site Inspection

Procedures are in place for Conducting unannounced site inspections and client visits inorder to monitor service provided to the client. Client visits will be done to determine client’s satisfaction and to ensure contractual requirements are being met and exceeded. Problems on site will be dealt with and resolved immediately.


We constantly Provide maximum security to meet even the most minimal request from our clients. Our reputation is built on a satisfied customer reaction to our delivery of quality and performance. You can rest assured that our experienced Management team will find a solution to your specific security concerns. We maintain a hands on approach to our contract management so that you are treated in a way that shows that we value your business. Our Management Team is on call 24/7.


Health and Safety at Work

We will provide ongoing training om Health and Safety at working places that will keep our employees updated at all times on the importance of Health and Safety in the work place, what to look out for and how to prevent injury. We believe a core business hands on approach, constant attention to full core business, equals outstanding production.



All security personnel are paraded and inspected at a central point before being posted to a site of work. Their appearance is of high standard and a full uniform is worn daily. Attendance and sobriety checks also take place prior to shift and any unauthorized or unreported absenteeism will be replaced immediately.

Team Work

Looking at the interests of people is the key to our success of our company. This applies to our relationship with our clients as well as our relationship with our staff We strive to offer equal opportunities based on performance and requirements to all staff in its employment. We do not discriminate against any person, employee or job applicant on the basis or race or gender. Loyalty does, however, not mean total submission and stagnation or idolising a set way of doing things, but sincere effort to improve the service and quality of our work.